Steps to install your brand-new Key Cover in your truck

1- Place your key in your ignition switch.

2- Insert your new key cover on your key in the wished depth.

3- Assure that the set screw does not block the insertion of your key cover.

4- Tighten your set screw with a key Allen 3/32.

Steps to install your brand-new Knobs in your truck

(We recommend to keep the stickers in your trucks.)

1- Before taking off your plastic knobs, set the yellow and red stickers on your dashboard behind

2- Unscrew the plastic knobs and install the corresponding chrome knobs on both valves.

3- Make sure that the set screw on your chrome knob is not already engaged before starting the installation.

4- Screw the button and align the logo the way you want it.

5- Tight the set screw with a 3/32 Allen key.

Our knobs, key covers and pedals are completely made of aluminum and treated with industrial hard chrome, so they never tarnish, are very hard to scratch and very easy to clean.